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Why do clients select LOGIVER as their family office? 

LOGIVER is holistic in its analysis and approach when it comes to wealth management, integrating invest management, financial planning, tax considerations, estate planning as well as philanthropic or other personalized financial considerations. 

LOGIVER also has experience in working with multiple generations that compose a family. The company offers specialized guidance on wealth preservation, intergenerational wealth transfer and succession planning; ensuring a sustained and protected financial legacy. 

LOGIVER provides access to exclusive investment opportunities which may not be readily available to individual investors. These include alternative investments such as private equity deals, real estate opportunities and venture capital projects. 

LOGIVER works with a very strong network of legal advisors, tax specialists, estate planners and third-party investment managers. This vast network is leveraged on to provide family office clients with the best and most trusted professionals, irrespectively of the desired area of expertise. 

LOGIVER is experienced in establishing family governance charters and structures, including family councils that promote efficient decision making in a family in order to constantly foster harmonious conversations. LOGIVER is also able to provide educational seminars and share financial literacy standards and provide wealth stewardship. 

In a nutshell, LOGIVER adapts to its client families’ evolving needs and priorities.